Steps to Apply

Step 1

Visit the home in person

If you want to own your own home and are considering making one of our houses a home for you and your family, visit the property and walk around the outside, look through the windows, walk or drive the neighborhood and talk to neighbors! You should make sure it is the right fit and feels like home!

Step 2

Complete the application

Submit your application, ensuring to READ & FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS.
Step 3

Meet us at the home

Once your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule a convenient time to meet us at the home. At this meeting, you can take as much or as little time needed to decide if this is the home for you. From there, we will complete the paperwork, you will switch utilities, and you will get the lockbox code to move into your new home!

Who Do We Serve?

We work with people who are struggling to apply for a home, may have damaged credit, or other restricting issues. We want to get you into a “forever home” of your OWN without having to qualify for initial bank financing. If you just want to rent, we are not the answer you are looking for!

No matter what has happened in your life – divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, business start-up….talk to us, we’ll try to help!